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Investing in Edtech – A Benefit or a Bust?

I have come across a number of articles over the last several months that have challenged the efficacy of incorporating technology in the classroom. Many of these articles cite a recent study by the  Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) that found no evidence of the positive impact of educational technology on student performance. … Continue reading Investing in Edtech – A Benefit or a Bust?

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Protect Your Chromebook Investment

Large scale 1-1 programs require a tremendous amount of planning and attention to details. When our district began planning for a roll-out of 1000 Chromebooks in the fall of 2013, our task force formed the following sub-committees: Student Feedback Parent/Community Outreach Nuts & Bolts PD/Teacher Support As someone that actually enjoys planning and logistics, I … Continue reading Protect Your Chromebook Investment

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